What is ToonForumIndex?

ToonForumIndex, or TFI for short, is an index of player ratings based on the opinions of ToonForum users. After every competitive game we make a thread on our forums asking for users to rate each player's performance out of 10, with an optional comment on how they did. We (usually Beatski) then aggregate this data and turn it into a report representing the opinion of the fans and post this back onto the forums, and onto our blog.

This season we're looking to take TFI to the next level by also giving it its own section on the site, which is probably where you're reading this. We've revamped our presentation, and will also keep track of players' performances throughout the season and make those stats easily accessible. We're not looking to offer the kind of statistical data you'd get from Opta based sources like WhoScored, but rather to display how the fans have feel players have performed throughout the season, with a sprinkling of goals and assists for flavour.

Down the right hand side you can find links to individual player pages, as well as our most recent TFI match reports, which you'll also find in the TFI section of our blog. The three most recent match reports are also embedded below.

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