An 'alive' man is ... dead

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An 'alive' man is ... dead

Post by daib0 » Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:24 am

This caught my eye, although a few months old...

Romanian court tells man he is not alive - Constantin Reliu, 63, fails to overturn 2003 death certificate because he appealed too late

"A spokeswoman for the court explained to local news outlets that Reliu had been too late with his appeal against the death certificate and had thus lost the case. The ruling is apparently final and cannot be appealed against, leaving Reliu in legal limbo."

In a case reminiscent of a Kafka novel, a Romanian court has ruled that a 63-year-old man is dead despite what would appear to be convincing evidence to the contrary: the man himself appearing alive and well in court.

See full article: ... -not-alive

Is this the height of bureaucracy?!!
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