Survey: Football and Europe

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Survey: Football and Europe

Post by Cal » Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:09 pm

Dear football fans,

Which football clubs do you see as your club’s biggest rivals? How
important are the Champions League or Europa League for you? What do you
think is important for your club to function well as a team? What have been
your most emotional moments as a fan?
For our research project EUFoot (, we would like to find out
what fans from top national leagues in Germany, England, France and Austria
think about football and Europe. We kindly ask you to fill in a short
questionnaire (15 min.).

As a reward, you are entitled to participate in a draw to win one of five
Amazon vouchers (£90/ 100€ each).

Thank you for your support!

EUFoot project team
Alexander Brand, Florian Koch, Arne Niemann und Regina Weber


Dr. (des.) Florian Koch
Research Associate for the DFG sponsored project: The identity effect of
Europeanised lifeworlds: Becoming European through football? (EUFoot)
Johannes Gutenberg University
Department of Political Science