"I don't know where to post this"

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"I don't know where to post this"

Post by Cal » Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:21 pm

If you find yourself thinking the above or about to make a post starting with that disclaimer, instead of finding a tangentially related or random thread to post it in, just start a new thread.

Threads don't have to always be about big stories, original articles, or putting a topic out there for discussion, they can be about a funny vine/video/photo, the latest NUFC periscope, or a snippet of info that you've come across. By giving your post a thread more people will see and reply to it, and you don't needlessly derail or confuse an existing thread.

When making these threads, please be sure to name it properly.
Common Courtesy wrote:Give your thread a descriptive title. Users should be able to tell what the thread is about before clicking on it. Just having a player name or half a leading statement doesn't do this. This is especially important in the Football Discussion forum.

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