TFI – Player Ratings vs Northampton (LC) – 25 Aug 15

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TFI – Player Ratings vs Northampton (LC) – 25 Aug 15

Post by Cal » Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:15 am

An untelevised mid-week cup game against lower league opposition left most of our users with no way to see the match, which turned out to be a refreshingly positive cup game. A dominant display ensured progression to the next round, something that we've not exactly come to expect in recent years.

For the TFI, we ask our forum members to rate each player’s performance in the concerned game out of 10, which we then average out to get a rating representative of the fans’ views, we also collect a few user comments to summarise how the player did and show a few different viewpoints from the board. The top scoring player is man of the match; the lowest is mug of the match.

Debut boy Florian Thauvin earned the first perfect 10.0 rating in the TFI—now in its third full season—thanks to his goal and three assists in just over an hour on the pitch. The bar has been set high, hopefully he can continue to continue deliver as well as his set-pieces were. At the other end of the scale we have Cheik TIoté, the midfield enforcer failing to fulfill his role and instead becoming a liability, needlessly throwing his arm in the air to give the visitors the penalty for their goal.

Steve McClaren yet again scored well, this time a 7.67, as he managed to lead a side that generally capitulates in the cup, especially against lower league opposition, to a confident victory despite heavy rotation. The team averaged a season (so far) high of 6.87, as you might expect, with only the mug of the match scoring poorly.

Only three posters were able and willing to submit ratings for this match, so they'll all be featured by name. Our three match-goers were Tinker Raylor Soldier Saylor, Beatski, and TJR.

(You can click on player names to go to their pages)
Darlow - 6.00 Ratings ranged between 6 and 6
TRSS: "6 - Ok... Dealt with most things well, a bit flappy at some of the corners and has clearly been taking kicking lessons from Krul."
Beatski: "6 - Didn't have that much to do, stopped the few shots that came his way well, dealt with crosses adequately."
TJR: "6 - His kicking made Kruls look good. Otherwise a pretty average performance."

Janmaat - 8.33 Ratings ranged between 8 and 9
TRSS: "8 - Well taken goal, looked good going forward, wish he had a left foot."
Beatski: "8 - Constant threat, linked up well with others, could have had more than just a goal."
TJR: "9 - Fantastic although that's because he pretty much got to play as a winger because there was very little defending to be done. Scored a great team goal."

Williamson - 7.33 Ratings ranged between 7 and 8
TRSS: "7 - Holy s*** he scored! Won a lot in the air, and didn't make any noticeable mistakes."
Beatski: "7 - Well taken goal (ridiculously unmarked btw), too many headers straight to the opposition though."
TJR: "8 - Solid at the back and a great finish. Throwback to the form that got him in contention for the England squad."

Lascelles - 6.33 Ratings ranged between 6 and 7
TRSS: "6 - Little bit shakey, looked a bit out of his depth."
Beatski: "7 - Looked relatively solid."
TJR: "6 - Seemed very nervy. Didn't do anything bad though but at the same time did little of note."

Haïdara - 6.67 Ratings ranged between 6 and 7
TRSS: "7 - Good cross for the goal, decent in defence."
Beatski: "7 - Good assist."
TJR: "6 - A good assist but otherwise a game to forget."

Tioté - 4.67 Ratings ranged between 4 and 5
TRSS: "4 - Moron, lucky not to be sent off for the tackle that got him a yellow. Gave away pen. Pull yourself together man. After HT he calmed down and looked better."
Beatski: "5 - Gave possession away too easily, not aware enough of his surroundings."
TJR: "5 - A liability at times. Gave away a penalty. Got a rash yellow and gave away possession on occasion."

Gouffran - 5.67 Ratings ranged between 5 and 6
TRSS: "5 - Was OK, not sure he really suits centre mid but cut out a few things and looked ok in possession."
Beatski: "6 - Was surprised at how well he played."
TJR: "6 - Outclassed Tiote in the deep CM role but still very average."

Aarons - 6.00 Ratings ranged between 6 and 6
TRSS: "6 - Alright, didn't do much of note and often got doubled up on by defenders. Bit disappointing, was hoping for a performance."
Beatski: "6 - Largely anonymous, coped decently well with being shifted to LB."
TJR: "6 - A game to forget. He wasn't awful by any means, just average but our other attacking players completely outclassed him."

De Jong - 8.33 Ratings ranged between 7 and 9
TRSS: "7 - Good, too his goal well, should have had more. Played some good through balls. Good to see him play injury free."
Beatski: "9 - Great link up play."
TJR: "9 - His link up play was top notch. Got his goal as well. Worked well with our attacking players."

Thauvin - 10.00 Ratings ranged between 10 and 10
TRSS: "10 - Hat-trick of assists and a goal. Great full debut, helped out defensively too. SOMEONE IN OUR SIDE CAN TAKE SET PIECES!!!!!!!"
Beatski: "10 - He was all right I guess."
TJR: "10 - Ran the show. A goal and three assists. Beat players at ease. His link up play with Janmaat, De Jong and Perez was phenomenal. Has a cracking set piece on him as well."

Ayoze - 8.00 Ratings ranged between 7 and 9
TRSS: "7 - got in good positions, shame he didn't get a goal. Think he still needs to convince McClaren sadly."
Beatski: "8 - Shame he couldn't get a goal, deserved it, opposition couldn't deal with his trickery."
TJR: "9 - Incredibly hardworking tireless display. Better in attacking mid than as the lone striker but still he beat players with ease and his link up play was great."

Mitrović - 6.00 Ratings ranged between 5 and 7
TRSS: "6 - Shame he came on when Thauvin went off, seeing him on the end of those crosses would have been awesome. Didn't do a lot as we slowed down without Thauvin. A few good runs and an unselfish pass for the last Janmaat chance. Good rage at the Northants CB too."
Beatski: "5 - Started a fight, one decent run, but he was offside."
TJR: "7 - Started on someone. I love seeing players with that aggressive streak. Many would take it lightly when 4-1 up with not long to play but he's always looking for a scrap. His hold up play was good as well."

Colback - 6.00 Ratings ranged between 5 and 7
TRSS: "5 - Came on, was OK."
Beatski: "7 - Improved the midfield when he came on."
TJR: "6 - Did nothing of note."

Toney - N/A
TRSS: "N/A - Good to see him get a debut against his old side. Think it would have been nice for him to get longer"
Beatski: "N/A"
TJR: "6 - Did nothing of note."

McClaren - 7.67 Ratings ranged between 7 and 8
TRSS: "7 - First time in recent memory we've dominated a weaker side like that. Subs were OK, I thin he was trying to get Mitro his first goal but sadly without Thauvin our creativity was poorer. With Arsenal on Sat I think he put out a good side who were well set up to do the job. Also first win!"

Beatski: "8."

TJR: "8 - Rotated the squad well. Good subs as well to protect the three who are expected to start against Arsenal. Got the win and played some entertaining football."