TFI – Player Ratings vs Arsenal – 29 Aug 15

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TFI – Player Ratings vs Arsenal – 29 Aug 15

Post by Cal » Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:15 am

Sixteen minutes into this Sunday clash at St James', a card-happy Andre Marriner gave Aleksandar Mitrović a controversial early dismissal that pretty much ended our hopes of a success in this match. Arsenal would attempt to bombard the Newcastle goal for the rest of the match, but couldn't quite find the finish, until captain Coloccini unwittingly deflected a shot past Krul to seal the loss.

For the TFI, we ask our forum members to rate each player’s performance in the concerned game out of 10, which we then average out to get a rating representative of the fans’ views, we also collect a few user comments to summarise how the player did and show a few different viewpoints from the board. The top scoring player is man of the match; the lowest is mug of the match.

Tim Krul earned a rating of 7.64 and the man of the match award thanks to his impressive nine saves and only being beaten by a deflected own goal, although as always his woeful distrubition drew ire. An early sending off was enough to earn Mitrović mug of the match, however there is a feeling that his sending of was unjust and thus he should not be impacted by it, with more than a third of our voters opting not to give a rating on this basis, and then some of the others bringing this up in their comments. If Mitro is excluded, Janmaat is next with a perfectly acceptable rating of 5.73.

Steve McClaren earned his fourth 7.00 plus rating of the season so far (five games), as yet again he was praised for how well defensively drilled the side were, and for not completely imploding after an early red card, as Newcastle sides of the past often would. The team average of 6.44 is testament to the previous points.

(You can click on player names to go to their pages)
Krul - 7.64 Ratings ranged between 5 and 9
"9 - MOTM Good saves and uncharacteristically good distribution at times."
"8 - Another solid performance with some great saves that kept us in the game, his handling wasn't the best at times though.
"5 - Atrocious kicking, not great for the goal or Walcott sitter."

Janmaat - 5.73 Ratings ranged between 5 and 6.5
"6.5 - Good overall, some poor crosses/end product at times."
"5 - Really disappointing, especially going forward. Great fist pumps though, a laugh considering his performance at Swansea."
"5.5 - Lucky they didn't attack him more."

Mbemba - 7.27 Ratings ranged between 6 and 8
"7.5 - Looks a class signing. He's just so raw. Strong, quick. His tackling looks like he expects this league to be far more physical than it actually is."
"7 - Gotta love the Chancellor. The odd questionable challenge, but good overall."
"8 - Two silly fouls on Sanchez aside, he was great. Composed under pressure, mature beyond his years."

Coloccini - 7.18 Ratings ranged between 6 and 8
"8 - Solid, unlucky for the goal. Incorrectly booked for a great tackle."
"7.5 - Solid again, unlucky for the goal. He seemed to be everywhere at times getting on the ball up the pitch."
"7 - Again, already far better this season than the whole of last. Seems to care about the club again. Mighty unlucky for the own goal."

Haïdara - 7.00 Ratings ranged between 6 and 8
"7 - If I could give him two marks I would give him 9 for defending and 4 for attacking. I still think Dummett is our best bet but this was probably his best performance this season and I'm not overly concerned about the left back position after seeing how well he coped today."
"8 - Defended well, made some good interceptions to stop Giroud."
"6 - Improved performance defensively but still caught out a lot on that left hand side with combination between Bellerin and Oxlaide-Chamberlain. Awful going forward today, his crossing was shocking!"

Anita - 6.64 Ratings ranged between 5.5 and 7.5
"7 - Very tidy performance getting more confident and can see that the other Dutch players rate him."
"7 - Even with 10 men he was bossing the midfield. What a start to the season he has had, amazing to see the transformation in him and a few others since the Pardew days."
"6 - Neither CM was particularly good or bad but they didn't get tore up as much as I expected them to."

Colback - 6.45 Ratings ranged between 5.5 and 7
"6 - Too eager to close the ball down leaving gaps. Still think he plays too far away from Anita. Becoming one of the teams weak points in a vital area. Deserved booking."
"7 - Looked really good today, closed down really well and was always trying to get a foot in. He really put in a shift."
"7 - His best performance of the season, back to the Colback of last season."

Sissoko - 6.00 Ratings ranged between 4 and 7
"4 - Some unbelievably bad moments. I still can't believe he gets in the team ahead of the likes of Perez. That said he did initiate a few good moves."
"6 - A few decent breaks and got back to cover Janmaat well against Sanchez."
"6.5 - Didn’t want him in ahead of Perez but he played well, gave us some much needed pace & power. Good defensive work as well. Questionable booking, not deliberate but probably deserved."

Wijnaldum - 6.68 Ratings ranged between 6 and 7.5
"6 - When he had the ball things happened, majority of the time though he was anonymous."
"7 - Looks a cut above, in games when we're on top I can see him making a massive difference."
"7 - I think it's becoming clear that he's going to be our best signing in a long long time. Rarely puts a foot wrong, his decision making on the ball is excellent. Classy player."

Thauvin - 6.36 Ratings ranged between 5 and 7.5
"6 - Good on the ball, provided some much needed spark, did what was asked of him playing up front. Incorrectly booked for being on the ground near an opponent. Lucky not to concede a pen."
"7.5 - Definitely looks an upgrade on Cabella. Great touch and footwork in tight areas with little support."
"5 - Needs to help Haidara a bit more, Arsenal were exploiting that side a lot with overlapping runs, one of which lead to the penalty that wasn't given."

Mitrović - 3.95 Ratings ranged between 2 and N/A
"4 - Unlucky to get sent off. Needs to calm down, refs are going to reach for the pocket straight away because of his reputation."
"N/A - Very harsh red card, it's hard to blame him because it was unintentional and he had eyes for the ball, but it was a clumsy tackle all the same and his reputation didn't help him."
"N/A - Didn't think it was a red but needs to learn that he has a reputation and it will have to adjust his game. Shame really because I thought he was going to be key for us if we were going to win today."

Ayoze - 6.40 Ratings ranged between 5.5 and 8
"5.5 - Didn't do much, would have liked to have seen him come on a lot earlier as he adds pace and that bit of spark the team needs on the break."
"6 - Again, fed off scraps but can't fault him for his work rate. Feel bad for him. I want to see him played in front of Gini, Thauvin and Aarons next week. He's looking frustrated."
"7 - Gave more protection to Haidara, should be a starter, worked hard."

Cissé - N/A

de Jong - N/A

McClaren - 7.14 Ratings ranged between 6 and 8
"8 - If we had gone down to 10 so early on last season we would have lost by 4 or more. He was constantly cheering the crowd on and showed a lot of passion. So nice to see on the touchline."

"7.5 - Decent starting eleven, coped much better than previous managers despite the injustice and bias of the referee (we played better today with 10 than we would have played with 15 under the dreaded and dreadful John Carver). Should have made his changes earlier though, his insistence on waiting until the game is over is annoying."

"7 - Last season we would have lost this 4 or 5 nil. Really impressed with how good we've been defensively since the Swansea game, Colo looks like hes getting back to his best and Mbemba looks like a quality signing. Couldn't do much going forward being a man down and no focal point up top."