Draft Fantasy Football

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Draft Fantasy Football

Post by CIH » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:05 pm


We did this the league a few years ago, although I think the novelty wore off quickly for some people. They are doing a world cup edition this time around and I signed up and joined a public league. Dunno if anyone else would be interested, but for me it's good fun. Draft was this afternoon while I was working, but set up an auto pick and not too disappointed with what I got.

Lloris (France)
Burki (Swiss)

Alderweireld (Belgium)
T Silva (Brazil)
Umtiti (France)
D Reyes (Mexico)
Hawsawi (Saudi)

de Bruyne (Belgium)
Banega (Argentina)
Dzagoev (Russia)
Ja-Cheol Koo (SKorea)
Blaszcykowski (Poland)

Iheanacho (Nigera)
Muiel (Columbia)
Rashford (England)

Got a trade in for Eriksson that I'm not hopeful of and may need to beef up my front line a bit, but could be worse. If there is enough interest here then we could set up a TF league. Whether for the WC or for when the league proper starts.