Finance and 'class' a 'barrier' for new artists?

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Finance and 'class' a 'barrier' for new artists?

Post by overseasTOON » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:56 pm

Just reading this article:


I can appreciate the aspect about funding etc. Having been in a band myself, we were taking short term deals where we could get them and in the end we discovered we were getting 0.05p per radio play and £0.05p per CD single sale.

Hardly enough to allow us to quit the day jobs and focus on the music.

One thing that caught my attention was the statement that it's not just finances that inhibit emerging artists:
Singer Sandie Shaw has criticised the music industry for favouring "public school" musicians, citing folk band Mumford and Sons as an example
So education is a barrier now as well because 'toffs' can all read legal English fluently or have families that are able to pay for the service whilst those from state school aren't able to afford this luxury?

Seems bollocks to me though.

If you're talented enough then family, friends, colleagues, associates etc will try and help you.
The Citizens Advice Service can provide a rep to read through and explain the contractual agreement.
Lawyers don't cost the earth either in this case.

As for the band I was in, taking whatever was available? All of us went to boarding schools. Didn't mean our families were backing us to the hilt financially, mainly because in hindsight, we were a bit s***.

Still, it was great fun and that was important.

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