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Re: Mass Effect Series

Post by Cal » Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:03 pm

Cisse's Overheating Torso wrote:
КАЛ wrote:
I've read the trilogy of Mass Effect books written by the lead writer of the first two games, Drew Karpyshyn (also lead writer for KOTOR). I liked them and have been meaning to try some of his standalone stuff...

I have zero interest in a book trying to tie ME3 to Andromeda though.
Oh really? I presume the novels aren't make your own adventure, but a straight story. Isn't it odd having Mass Effect but without the choices? It always struck me that novel writing and games writing would be different skills, the former involving much more of a feedback loop with other creators
You only make choices when you're playing as your Shepard, you don't shape the backstories of the other characters in the game, so novels that explore those other characters and their relationships without Shepard in the mix aren't jarring at all to me. I'd imagine they're quite different to write for, but being the main guy involved in creating that universe, the characters in it, and the web of relationships between them probably helps a lot when it comes to telling a story in that world.#

The first book explores the history of Anderson and Saren, plus the whole failed Spectre thing, and was released 6 months before the game. The game then has references to these events since these characters and their histories are fixed, regardless of what player Shepard gets up to.

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Re: Mass Effect Series

Post by el héroe » Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:11 pm

1 & 2 for sale on Steam £5.75 and that's the updated 2 version

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