What is the future of the Labour Party and the British left?

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Re: What is the future of the Labour Party and the British l

Post by Colback's Orange Tufts » Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:06 pm

Ol' Dirty Bas Dost wrote:A Corbyn victory might make Labour an option again for the leftist Scottish voters who switched en masse to the SNP in the election just gone. So in a perverse way he might be the only thing that puts Labour in with a shout of winning the next general election.

One other thing. Radio 4 had a Corbynite MP on this morning, and anyone who says Corbyn is above spin needs to have a listen to that programme. She'd clearly been carefully coached to repeat soundbites and stay on message. Spin is the lifeblood of politics, you're never going to eliminate that.
Corbyn is a unionist though so not sure it helps in Scotland. And the change needs to come from Scottish Labour, not Westminster, which seems unlikely
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