TFI – Player Ratings vs Stoke City – 31 Oct 15

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TFI – Player Ratings vs Stoke City – 31 Oct 15

Post by Beatski » Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:55 pm

A frustrating day out for the lads as despite looking the superior side and peppering the opponents goal, no-one could find a way past Butland, who is maturing into a top keeper by the looks of it, Joe Hart had better keep an eye on his rear view mirror.

For the TFI, we ask our forum members to rate each player’s performance in the concerned game out of 10, which we then average out to get a rating representative of the fans’ views, we also collect a few user comments to summarise how the player did and show a few different viewpoints from the board. The top scoring player is man of the match; the lowest is mug of the match.

Accolades are shared for man of the match today, with both Sissoko and Ayoze getting a rating of 7.29, the pair were the stand outs in our attacking quartet, but despite looking threatening neither succeeded in netting us those elusive three points. Mug of the match today goes to De Jong, who was subbed on in the second half to amble around to little effect when we really needed him to inject some impetus to push on for the winner.

McClaren comes away from the afternoon with a creditable rating of 7.14, reflecting his side's control of the game for the majority, the players themselves come in with a lower team average of 6.38 due to their inability to capitalise.

(You can click on player names to go to their pages)
Elliot - 6.57 Ratings ranged between 6 and 7
"6.5 - Did what was asked, made an important save to keep us level."
"7 - One very good save, came for crosses and kicked well."
"6 - Few good saves, but not really that much to do."

Janmaat - 6.21 Ratings ranged between 5 and 7
"6.5 - Was fighting through injury, but threatened when on."
"7 - Good going forward, although few lapses of concentration."
"6 - A bit more quiet going forward than usual, albeit solid at the back."

Mbemba - 7.07 Ratings ranged between 6 and 7.5
"7.5 - Solid performance, composed on the ball."
"7.5 - Solid, wins the ball back often."
"7.5 - Beast in the air at both ends of the pitch, made some good runs but needs to be more decisive with his passing once he gets forward with it."

Coloccini - 6.79 Ratings ranged between 6.5 and 7
"6.5 - Relatively untroubled."
"7 - Solid all day."
"7 - Much better from him."

Dummett - 6.07 Ratings ranged between 5.5 and 7
"6 - He's ridiculously slow, the effort is there but he just doesn't look very sharp."
"5.5 - Few good tackles here and there but gets caught out too easily, makes me nervous every time he's on the ball."
"6 - Fine, but not a long term option."

Sissoko - 7.29 Ratings ranged between 7 and 7.5
"7.5 - Always a threat going forward, glad to see he's picked his form up. Should have bagged today."
"7 - He's on a good run of form at the moment, but he lacked that end product in this game, should have scored."
"7.5 - Another good performance."

Tioté - 5.79 Ratings ranged between 5 and 7
"6.5 - Best he's looked in his defensive role for a long time, but some bad passes stood out too."
"5.5 - Slowly improving, no unnecessary fouls/cards."
"5.5 - Lost possession cheaply at times - would have been punished against a better attacking side."

Anita - 5.64 Ratings ranged between 4.5 and 7
"4.5 - Not a great game for him, whole point of him being in the team is that he retains possession well, but he gave the ball away cheaply at times."
"5 - Not at his best."
"6.5 - Solid performance."

Wijnaldum - 6.14 Ratings ranged between 5 and 7.5
"5.5 - Not as good as his past few performances and was a bit anonymous at times, although he gets into good areas and has great composure."
"7.5 - Love watching him play. Finds great positions, so calm on the ball."
"5 - Often found himself in great areas around the box but far too ponderous."

Ayoze - 7.29 Ratings ranged between 6.5 and 8
"8 - Easily one of our best players, great on the ball, tricky feet and works well with Mitro."
"7 - First half was the Perez show but he tired badly in the 2nd."
"7.5 - Deserved a goal, becomes that link between Mitrovic and the midfield and has an amazing work rate. he showed some great skill in tight situations and was ghosting past Stoke players."

Mitrović - 6.50 Ratings ranged between 6 and 7.5
"7 - An absolute menace, but has to avoid getting wound up by the likes of Shawcross."
"6.5 - Started well, had a good game but marked him down for his antics."
"6 - Put himself about well but became frustrated and lost his head bit due to Stoke defenders constantly fouling him on and off the ball. yes he should have had more protection from the ref (wont get it due to his already poor reputation) and Wollscheid could have easily been sent off (Mitro would have walked if other way around), but this is what hes going to have to get used too because most teams will do this to him."

De Jong - 5.50 Ratings ranged between 5 and 6
"5.5 - Didn't really get involved much when he came on."
"N/A - Would like to see a longer appearance from him."
"5 - Is he capable of anything other than a light jog?"

Lascelles - 6.10 Ratings ranged between 6 and 6.5
"6 - Unlucky not to score."
"N/A - Didn't have much to do."
"6 - So unlucky not to score his first for the club."

McClaren - 7.14 Ratings ranged between 6 and 8
"8 - Picked the right team, had us playing well, nothing more he could do. That would have been a decent win against almost any other keeper."

"7 - Pleased with how he has us playing, it's a shame we didn't pick up more points in our last 2 because the pressure is still there and we can't quite get that winning momentum."

"7 - Would like to see subs made earlier, especially in a match like this where we're struggling to break through. Overall though, been a promising few weeks, with more composed and entertaining football."